Strand Map Service

SMS JavaScript API

The SMS JavaScript API lets Web developers insert interactive AAAS Strand Maps into Web pages using JavaScript and place custom content into the bubble inside the maps.

The API is described and illustrated formally here:

  • Documentation - The documentation describes the API in detail, with information about how to insert an interactive map into a Web page and the methods used to customize and insert content into the map InfoBubble.
  • JSON Explorer - The JSON explorer provides access to the JSON data that is available from the service.
  • Image Explorer - The image explorer provides access to the JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG images that are available from the service.
  • Example Code - The example code section contains working clients that illustrate how to use the API, and may be used as a template for customizing the interactive maps within a Web site.

SMS Version

This is version 1.2.4. See list of changes in the software and APIs. API changes are generally backward-compatible with previous versions.